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  • Develop prediction models using ML techniques

  • Identify meaningful insights from data

  • Data analysis for large datasets

  • Time-series data analysis and forecasting

  • Integrate product recommendations on your sites

  • Develop customer churn prediction models

  • Perform Market Basket Analysis on transactions data

  • Near-duplicate records identification in large datasets

  • Identification of similar text documents

  • Identification of similar images (faces, fashion, e.t.c.)



  • Anomaly detection on labeled and unlabeled datasets

  • Anomaly detection on time-series datasets

  • Fraud detection and money laundering detection


  • Enhance your products with Deep Learning models to solve NLP and Computer Vision problems



  • Analysis of realtime health monitoring signals like ECG e.t.c

  • Analysis of other medical diagnostics signals

  • AI powered personal diet plan


Self-service ai/ml or TRUE Auto-ml

Currently, there is a real shortage of Self-Service or Auto-ML services which can be easily scaled and made available to your user base. 

Our Auto-ML products are truly self-service in nature and does not require any Hyper Parameter Tuning. Our patented technology can figure out the right set of parameters that need to be applied to your dataset.

AI/ML Expertise

Availability of good AI/ML expertise in the market is very limited and scare. This leads to missed project deadlines and out of control project costs.

We offer high quality AI/ML expertise that will help meeting your AI/ML project deadlines.


We also offer AI/ML consulting services to assess the current state of your journey towards becoming an AI-driven organization and offer a wide range of solutions 


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